How to buy a vehicle at J Higgs Auto Auctions - Live Auctions

Buying Requirements
Valid US Drivers License or Photo ID
18 years of age or older

Buyer Registration
All buyers must register in the office or on-line and obtain a bidder badge in order to bid at the auction and enter the auction facility. Public registration opens at 11:00AM on sale day. All buyers are required to submit a photo ID.

All bidders will be required to complete the Buyer Registration Agreement and pay a $500 refundable deposit with will be credited to your purchase or refunded the same day if no purchase is made.

One visitor is allowed to accompany a Registered Bidder. Visitors are not permitted to bid on vehicles and must display a visitor’s pass at all times.

Public Inspection opens on Saturday at 9:00AM and ends at 12:30PM. Buyers are encouraged to inspect vehicles prior to the sale and well in advance to purchasing vehicles. Buyers are responsible to ensure that they are aware of the price the auctioneer is offering, the sale price of a vehicle is not subject to arbitration.
Know what you are buying!
If you are not familiar with vehicles and their mechanical systems, you are welcome to bring along someone who is. Test drives are not permitted.

How to read our windshield specifications:
A-1: This is the 1st vehicle to run through lane A
98: Year of vehicle
123,000: Miles on Vehicle
1-19: Auction date

After winning the bid, proceed immediately to the clerk on the auction block to sign the agreement and receive your copy. You must have your buyer’s number to show the clerk. Check the accuracy of the agreement before you sign. If there is a dispute, what is written on the agreement will control. In addition to your bid price, a Buyers fee and document fee will be added to your vehicle cost (fees sheets are available in the office and on-line). The balance of the purchase price must be paid for in the office. If you cannot pay for the car the same night, you must pay by 4:00pm the following business day. If you do not pay in full by 5:00pm Monday, you will lose your deposit, and the sale will be cancelled. All deposits are non-refundable.

We accept the following forms of payment for vehicle purchases: Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Company Checks with Bank Letter of Guarantee. No vehicle can be removed from the auction facility until paid for in full. A maximum of $500 can be charged on a credit card.

Conditional Sales (IF Sales)
In the event a vehicle is sold on an IF (conditional sale pending the sellers approval), the vehicles will not be released to the buyer unless and until the seller notifies JHAA of its acceptance of the high bid. In some instances, it may take up to two business days, after the day of the sale, for the seller to provide JHAA notification of high bid acceptance. All “IF” bids are binding until 2 pm the following Monday. However, the majority of “IF” vehicles receive acceptance or rejection on Day of Sale. The purchasers deposit will be held until confirmation is received or until the time deadline.

Title Information
The seller has 21 days to produce a free and clear title to the auction title department. Once the title is approved, the purchaser will be contacted and may pick up the title from the auction or the title will be mailed via priority mail and will require a signature upon delivery. If the seller cannot produce the title in the allotted time, the purchaser’s option is to return the vehicle for a full and complete refund of the sale price and buyers fees. Temporary tags or any other expenses will not be refunded. In the event the purchaser wishes to return the vehicle after 21 days, purchaser must make arrangements with the Auction Title Department 24 hours prior to returning the vehicle. If the purchaser calls to arrange for return of a vehicle and the Auction has received, or mailed title, the purchaser must keep the vehicle.  If the title has not been received the purchaser can bring the vehicle to the auction. The Auction Arbitration Department has the right to refuse the return of any vehicle it feels has excessive mileage or damage, including mechanical conditions. In the event the purchaser arranges for the return of a vehicle and the vehicle is not returned within the specified time, the return arrangements will be cancelled and the sale will be reinstated.  There is no recourse after time limitations have expired.